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Twice Exceptional (2e) Students are children who are both gifted and learning disabled. These students may also be referred to as having dual exceptionalities or as being GT/LD. Research has produced the realization that 2e students require a unique combination of educational programs, enrichment, and counseling support.

As stated in the 2eNewsletter - "Some gifted children have learning difficulties. 'Twice Exceptional' refers to the fact that some gifted children are exceptional both because of their strengths and because of their limitations. Coupled with high intelligence, these children also may have one or more learning disabilities, attention deficit, emotional or behavior problems, or other types of learning difficulties."

Article: If Only They Came with Manuals! - By Linda Neumann, from The SENG Update of December 2006

Article: I Am a Twice-Exceptional Student - by Andrew Edward Collins, Education Week, March 29, 2012

National Resources:

Arizona Resources:
  • Gilbert Public Schools Special Education page - The Special Education Department of Gilbert Public Schools provides services to disabled students, ages 3 - 22.
  • Gilbert Special Education Parent Council - Parents of special needs children within GPS have volunteered to be on this council to mentor and assist parents of special needs children.
  • Genius Coaching - “I feel that every person deserves a career and life based on their unique strengths and passion. When kids and young adults don’t experience that, they are bored, distracted, aggressive, withdrawn or unmotivated with mostly disastrous grades” ... Over the past 25 years Otto Siegel has been dedicating plenty of research, education and coaching efforts to service families of bright children with these challenges in the US, Brazil and Germany. More than 90% of these children are mislabeled as ADD, ADHD, OCD or different behavior ‘disorders’. (See also
  • Arizona Special Education Network - A non-profit organization that supports parents, schools, daycare facilities, and other community organizations. Their mission is to provide advocacy, education and resources to support a wide variety of disabilities including ADHD, ADD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disorders, OCD etc.
  • Nurtured Heart Approach for parenting children with high energy, as featured in Go Gilbert! Magazine June 2010